avoid verb

1 prevent sth

ADV. altogether It is sometimes impossible to avoid conflict altogether. | narrowly They narrowly avoided defeat in the semi-final. | at all costs Getting involved in a court case is something to be avoided at all costs.

VERB + AVOID be anxious to, want to, wish to They are anxious to avoid any further misunderstandings. | attempt to, try to | be careful to, take care to He was careful to avoid any sentimentality in his speech. | help (to) | be able to, manage to | be possible to | be difficult to, be impossible to

PHRASES an attempt/effort to avoid sth He failed in his attempt to avoid having to pay.

2 keep away from sb

ADV. carefully, deliberately, studiously The two men carefully avoided one another.

VERB + AVOID try to

3 not hit sb/sth when driving

ADV. narrowly He braked hard and narrowly avoided a parked van.

VERB + AVOID brake to | swerve to She swerved to avoid a cyclist.