audience noun

1 group of people watching/listening to sth

ADJ. big, capacity, large, mass, packed, vast, wide The museum is trying to attract a wider audience. | select, small | appreciative, enthusiastic, receptive, sympathetic | hostile | captive | potential, target | cinema, live, radio, studio, television

VERB + AUDIENCE address, perform to, play to He prefers playing to live audiences. | attract, draw, pull in Such a well-known politician should draw a big audience. | reach We want to reach a target audience that's younger in age. | captivate, grip, thrill The film has thrilled audiences throughout the country. | move The audience was visibly moved.

AUDIENCE + VERB applaud, cheer The audience cheered loudly. | boo, jeer | laugh

AUDIENCE + NOUN participation

PREP. before/in front of an/the ~ He felt nervous standing up in front of the large audience.

2 formal meeting with a very important person

ADJ. private

VERB + AUDIENCE have | ask for, request, seek | give sb, grant sb The Pope granted him an audience.

PREP. ~ with He sought a private audience with the Queen.