attempt noun

ADJ. successful | abortive, botched, failed, fruitless, futile, ill-fated, unsuccessful, vain her vain attempt to save her son's life | conscious, deliberate | brave, bold, concerted, determined, serious, valiant | blatant | feeble, half-hearted, weak | clumsy, crude | desperate, frantic, last-ditch a desperate attempt to find survivors of the accident | repeated repeated attempts to break through enemy lines | assassination, coup, rescue, suicide Rescue attempts were stopped because of bad weather.

VERB + ATTEMPT make She has made no attempt to contact her mother. | succeed in He succeeded in his attempt to break the world record. | abandon, fail in, give up He abandoned his attempt to reach the summit. | foil, thwart Their attempt to break out of prison was foiled.

ATTEMPT + VERB succeed | fail

PREP. in an/the ~ In an attempt to ward off criticism, the government has made education a priority. | ~ at He made a feeble attempt at a smile. | ~ by an attempt by workers to prevent redundancies

PHRASES an attempt on sb's life (= to kill sb)