assurance noun

1 promise

ADJ. absolute, categorical, clear, firm, full | further, repeated | formal, official, personal, verbal, written He gave me his personal assurance that the vehicle was safe.

VERB + ASSURANCE have We now have a firm assurance of support from the government. | give sb, offer sb, provide | gain, get, obtain, receive | ask for, demand, seek, want | accept, be satisfied with They accepted his assurance that patients would be treated as soon as possible. | go back on, renege on He accused the minister of reneging on assurances given earlier.

PREP. ~ about an assurance about the safety of this equipment | ~ by/from assurances from the head teacher

PHRASES despite/in spite of assurances Despite assurances from the government, the chemicals are known to be dangerous.

2 feeling of calm and confidence

ADJ. calm, quiet She spoke with calm assurance.

VERB + ASSURANCE have | show Even at a very young age she showed a great deal of assurance.