asset noun

1 useful person/thing

ADJ. big, considerable, great, important, invaluable, precious, priceless, real, tremendous, useful, valuable The teachers are the school's biggest asset. | best, main, major, principal, prize | cultural The tourist industry requires that the country's cultural assets be made more accessible. | natural Bow windows are a natural asset to any room and should be highlighted.

PREP. ~ to She will be an asset to any school she attends.

2 what a company owns

ADJ. combined, total | gross | net The company's net assets are worth millions. | business, company, corporate | commercial, financial | current, disposable, liquid Liquid assets can be sold more quickly. | capital, fixed, non-cash, non-monetary, physical, property | tangible | intangible | depreciable, wasting | hidden They have hidden assets in banks around the world. | foreign, overseas | personal | national, public, state

VERB + ASSET have, hold, own, possess assets held by the company in Asia | transfer He transferred all his assets into his wife's name. | accumulate, acquire, buy | dispose of, realize, sell The business disposed of all its capital assets. | increase, reduce The company has increased its UK assets. | freeze The courts can order a company's assets to be frozen. | release, unfreeze

ASSET + VERB appreciate, grow Net assets have grown to $169 million. | decline, depreciate, dwindle

ASSET + NOUN value | management | sale | stripping measures to prevent asset stripping

PHRASES assets and liabilities