assembly noun

1 elected group

ADJ. elected, representative | consultative, general, legislative | local, national, provincial, regional, state

VERB + ASSEMBLY create, form, set up | elect, vote for | dissolve

ASSEMBLY + VERB meet Provincial assemblies meet once a year. | vote The assembly voted to delay the legislation to allow further consultation to take place.

ASSEMBLY + NOUN member | seat

PREP. in an/the ~ These issues have been discussed in the regional assemblies.

PHRASES a meeting/session of the assembly > Note at ORGANIZATION

2 group gathered together

ADJ. public | peaceful | unlawful

VERB + ASSEMBLY hold They demanded the right to hold peaceful assemblies.

ASSEMBLY + NOUN point When the fire alarm sounds, leave the building and proceed to your assembly point.

PHRASES freedom of assembly, the right of assembly (= the right to gather freely)

3 at school

ADJ. school | morning

VERB + ASSEMBLY conduct, have, hold We hold an assembly every morning. | attend, go to


PREP. at/during/in ~ The announcement was made during morning assembly.

4 putting parts together

ADJ. easy | home furniture designed for home assembly | correct | final This factory deals with final assembly and testing.

ASSEMBLY + NOUN line workers on the assembly line | plant The company has twenty assembly plants in Europe. | work