aspect noun

ADJ. central, crucial, essential, fundamental, important, key, main, major, principal, significant | basic, broad, general Questions also cover much broader aspects of general health and fitness. | appealing, attractive, beneficial, encouraging, exciting, fascinating, interesting, pleasing, positive | alarming, controversial, difficult, disappointing, disturbing, negative, sinister, terrible, worst the worst aspects of tourism | bizarre, curious, intriguing, puzzling | remarkable, striking | subtle | mundane | neglected | formal, functional, practical, theoretical the formal aspects of the language system | business, commercial, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, historical, human, legal, military, moral, physical, political, psychological, religious, scientific, social, technical

VERB + ASPECT have The project has two main aspects. | take on Events began to take on a more sinister aspect. | consider, cover, deal with, discuss, emphasize, examine, explore, focus on, look at, study We will be looking at many different aspects of pollution. | demonstrate, illuminate, illustrate a unique collection illustrating aspects of Irish transport history | ignore, neglect

PREP. from the … ~ This scheme is very good from the social aspect. | ~ to the positive aspects to retirement

PHRASES all aspects of sth, (in) every aspect (of sth) The service was excellent in every aspect.