ask verb

1 put a question to sb

ADV. gently, quietly, softly ‘How do you feel?’ she asked softly. | amiably, conversationally, politely ‘Did you sleep well?’, he asked politely. | belligerently, crossly, icily, nastily, querulously, sarcastically, slyly, testily | casually, dryly, innocently ‘Oh, Sue went too, did she?’ I asked innocently (= pretending I did not know that this was important). | curiously, incredulously, pointedly, suspiciously | anxiously, apprehensively, fearfully, solicitously ‘Will he be all right?’, Sabrina asked anxiously. | legitimately We can legitimately ask what competence an official based in Whitehall has to solve the problems of rural Scotland. | rhetorically

VERB + ASK long to, want to She longed to ask Mary if she knew what was wrong. I wanted to ask him a question. | dare (to) I wondered how old she was but I didn't dare ask. | forget to I completely forgot to ask his name.

PREP. about He asked about her family.

PHRASES get asked sth I often get asked that. | if you don't mind me/my asking How old are you?if you don't mind my asking?

2 request sth

ADV. nicely If you ask her nicely, she'll give you a sweet.

PREP. for asking for money