ash noun

1 powder that is left after sth has burnt

ADJ. glowing, hot, red-hot, smouldering the glowing ashes of the dying fire | cold, dead The fire had died to cold ashes. | fine Fine ash covered the hill near the volcano. | bonfire, cigarette, coal, volcanic, wood

QUANT. cloud A cloud of ash rose from the volcano.

VERB + ASH flick, tap (used about cigarette ash) He flicked ash into the ashtray. | reduce sth to, turn to ~es a village reduced to ashes by war (figurative) All her dreams had turned to ashes.

ASH + VERB fall Ash from the volcano fell over a wide area.

PHRASES rise from the ashes (figurative) The party had risen, like a phoenix, from the ashes of electoral disaster.

2 ashes: remains of a dead body

VERB + ASH scatter His ashes were scattered on his beloved farm.