article noun

1 piece of writing

ADJ. brilliant, excellent, good, informative, interesting | influential, major, seminal | controversial, critical, provocative | in-depth | feature, lead/leading, review A leading article in ‘The Times’ accused the minister of lying. | occasional (= not part of a series) It was her job to commission occasional articles. | offending An advertisement will now replace the offending article. | academic, learned, scholarly | journal, magazine, newspaper, periodical, press

QUANT. series

VERB + ARTICLE commission | do I'm doing an article about ways of preventing pollution. | contribute, submit | read, see Did you see the article on Europe in today's paper? | carry, feature, print, publish, run The magazine refused to print his article.

ARTICLE + VERB appear The article appears in this week's edition of ‘The Spectator’. | describe sth, detail sth, explain sth, point sth out, say sth, state sth | discuss sth, examine sth, explore sth, focus on sth, look at sth The article looks at two questions. | allege sth, argue sth, claim sth, imply sth, suggest sth | attack sb/sth, criticize sb/sth | cite sb/sth, quote sb/sth | continue, go on The article goes on to quote from Darwin's ‘Origin of Species’. | conclude sth

PREP. in an/the ~ She admitted she was wrong in an article in the newspaper. | ~ about, ~ by an article about atomic clocks by Professor Keith Runcorn | ~ on an article on the dangers of sunbathing

PHRASES an article called/entitled/headed sth an article entitled ‘Think Yourself Thin’

2 part of law

ADJ. key The key articles of the constitution can only be changed by referendum.

VERB + ARTICLE be in breach of, breach, contravene, flout, infringe, violate The actions of the organization are in breach of Article 12 of the treaty.

ARTICLE + VERB provide sth, specify sth, state sth Article 10 provides that all businesses must be registered correctly.

PREP. under an/the ~ The judge ordered the child's return home under Article 12 of the Convention.

PHRASES the terms of an article The terms of Article 3 will be changed by the new government.

3 thing

ADJ. finished The finished article takes two months to manufacture. | the genuine Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the genuine article. | offending | household, toilet

VERB + ARTICLE make, manufacture, produce

PHRASES an article of clothing

4 grammar

ADJ. definite, indefinite

VERB + ARTICLE take Names of countries in English do not usually take an article.