arrangement noun

1 plans/organization

ADJ. alternative, better, different, new, other It may be necessary to make alternative arrangements. | final | practical | satisfactory, sensible, suitable | careful, detailed | flexible | conventional | unconventional, unusual | special There are special arrangements for people working overseas. | formal | necessary, proper | administrative, organizational | domestic, funeral, holiday, living, pension, seating, security, sleeping, travel, working Their domestic arrangements were considered unconventional at the time.

VERB + ARRANGEMENT make | complete, confirm, finalize Arrangements for the trip have now been completed. | discuss We are just discussing the final arrangements for the concert. | upset All her careful arrangements had been upset!

ARRANGEMENT + VERB stand As far as I know the arrangement still stands. | fall through The catering arrangements for the conference have fallen through.

PREP. ~ for Arrangements for the funeral are complete. | ~ with I have made arrangements with the shop for the goods to be delivered here.

2 agreement

ADJ. business, financial It's purely a business arrangement?there's no need to get emotionally involved. | convenient | special | formal | informal | voluntary | private | reciprocal | long-standing, long-term, permanent | interim, temporary

VERB + ARRANGEMENT have The company has a special arrangement with the bank. | agree, come to, make She made an arrangement with her employer whereby she worked a reduced number of hours.

PREP. by (an/the) ~ Viewing of the property is only possible by arrangement with the owner. The couple have an arrangement by which they each contribute equally to the cost of the house. | under an/the ~ Under this arrangement you can pay for the goods over a longer period. | ~ between an arrangement between the two men | ~ with He finally came to an arrangement with his landlord.

PHRASES by prior arrangement A tour of the theatre is available by prior arrangement.

3 group of things placed together

ADJ. complex, complicated a complex arrangment of rods and cogs | physical Even the physical arrangement of the classroon can influence the way children learn. | floral, flower

VERB + ARRANGEMENT design, do Who did this beautiful flower arrangement?