arrange verb

1 plan/organize sth

ADV. easily | with difficulty These things can be arranged with difficulty. | hastily, hurriedly, quickly | secretly | specially

VERB + ARRANGE try to | be able to, can/could Todd will be able to arrange matters. | be difficult/easy/possible to These matters are easy to arrange.

PREP. for I'd be very grateful if you could arrange for this work to be carried out.

2 put in order; make neat/attractive

ADV. carefully, neatly Her red hair was carefully arranged and her face made up. | alphabetically, chronologically, symmetrically, systematically The books are arranged alphabetically by author.

PREP. in She arranged the chairs in neat rows. | into She took the list of visitors' names and arranged them into groups of four.

PHRASES arrange sth in alphabetical/chronological order The names are arranged in alphabetical order.