arm noun

ADJ. left, right | upper the muscles of the upper arm | strong | good He used his good arm to support his weight. | bad, broken, weak, withered I've got a bad arm so I'm afraid I can't help you. | open (often figurative), outstretched They're sure to welcome you with open arms. | bare

VERB + ARM bend, move | lower, raise The figure in the boat raised an arm. | break, dislocate, hurt, twist | hold out, open, stretch out He held out his arms with a broad smile. | cross, fold She folded her arms and stared at him. | link The couple linked arms and set off along the beach. | wave He was running towards them, waving his arms. | catch (at), catch hold of, grab, take A hand reached out and caught hold of her arm. She moved towards her father and took his arm. | grip, hold, squeeze, touch | fall into They fell into each other's arms. | draw/gather/pull sb into, take sb in He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. | hold sb in

ARM + VERB drop | hang His arm hung awkwardly against his side. | tighten Her arms tightened convulsively round the child.

PREP. by the ~ The officer grabbed him by the arm (= grabbed his arm). | in sb's ~ The child lay in its mother's arms. | on the ~ She touched him gently on the arm. | on your ~ Lucy felt the warm sun on her bare arms. He walked in with a tall blonde on his arm (= next to him and holding his arm). | under an/your ~ She carried the dog under one arm.

PHRASES arm in arm They walked along arm in arm (= with the arm of one person linked with the arm of the other), at arm's length He held the dirty rag at arm's length (= as far away from his body as possible). | the crook of an/sb's arm She lay curled up in the crook of his arm. | fling/put/throw, etc. your arms around/round sb/sth He ran towards her and flung his arms around her. He put an arm around her shoulders. | in each other's arms They fell asleep in each other's arms (= holding each other). | with arms akimbo (= with your arms bent and your hands on your hips) She stood looking at him with arms akimbo.