argue verb

1 disagree

ADV. fiercely, furiously, heatedly | endlessly

PREP. about arguing endlessly about money | over They were arguing over who should have the car that day. | with She's always arguing with her mother.

2 give reasons to support opinion

ADV. forcefully, passionately, strongly | convincingly, persuasively, plausibly, successfully The report argues convincingly that economic help should be given to these countries. | sensibly

VERB + ARGUE be disposed to, wish to I would wish to argue that appreciation of the arts should be encouraged for its own sake. | be prepared to Are you prepared to argue that killing is sometimes justified? | attempt to, try to | go on to In her paper she goes on to argue that scientists do not yet know enough about the nature of the disease. | be possible to It is possible to argue that the rules are too strict. | be difficult to

PREP. against She argued against a rise in interest rates. | for The general argued for extending the ceasefire. | in favour of They argued in favour of stricter punishments.