appointment noun

1 agreement to meet sb

ADJ. important, pressing, urgent | first, initial | follow-up | business | dental, hair | hospital, outpatient The hospital needs to allow more time for outpatient appointments.

VERB + APPOINTMENT have | arrange, book, fix, make I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor, please. | get I didn't know if I would get an appointment at such short notice. | give sb Tom has been given an appointment at the local hospital. | keep He failed to keep his appointment. | break, miss She has already broken three appointments. | cancel

PREP. by ~ Viewing is only allowed by appointment. | with/without an ~ He called without an appointment. | ~ with an appointment with a doctor

2 job/position

ADJ. permanent, temporary | senior | academic, cabinet, court, diplomatic, ecclesiastical, executive, government, judicial, military, ministerial, political, public, university

VERB + APPOINTMENT hold Employees may not hold any other appointments. | give sb, offer sb He was offered an appointment in the Education Department. | accept | obtain | take up He takes up his appointment in January. | resign Miss Green resigned her appointment as our regional representative. | secure By reorganizing the Church hierarchy, the king was able to secure the appointment of men whom he personally favoured.

3 choosing sb for job

ADJ. key The company has announced five key appointments at its Teesside plant. | formal, official | staff

VERB + APPOINTMENT make | announce | confirm The board has confirmed the appointment of Howard Kendall as Sales Manager.

PREP. to the first appointments to the new government