application noun

1 written request

ADJ. formal, written | successful I am pleased to tell you that your application for the post of Assistant Editor has been successful. | unsuccessful | job, membership, patent, planning, etc. All planning applications should be submitted to the local council.

VERB + APPLICATION file, lodge, make, send in, submit The applicant must file a written application to the court. | withdraw | consider, examine, process, screen It takes time to process each application. | invite Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer in French. | grant (law) His application for bail was granted. | refuse (law), reject, turn down


PREP. by ~ (formal) Admission is obtained by written application. | on ~ A permit is available on application to the company. | ~ for an application for a new licence | ~ to an application to the local authority

2 practical use

ADJ. practical What are the practical applications of this work? | general The program is designed for general application. | wide | agricultural, industrial

3 computing

ADJ. client-server, database, multimedia, software

VERB + APPLICATION run You can run several applications at the same time. | develop

APPLICATION + VERB run > Special page at COMPUTER