appetite noun

1 desire for food

ADJ. big, enormous, gargantuan, good, healthy, hearty, huge, insatiable, large, ravenous special double-decker sandwiches for big appetites | poor, small The symptoms of depression can include poor appetite and weight loss. I have always had a small appetite. | jaded magnificent meals to tempt the most jaded appetites

VERB + APPETITE have She had no appetite and began to lose weight. | lose | build up, develop, work up I went for a walk to work up an appetite for breakfast. | get back, regain After a week she had regained her appetite. | give sb All that digging has given me an appetite. | give an edge to, increase The cold air had given an edge to my appetite. | control, curb, suppress (technical), take away, take the edge off Some drugs can suppress the appetite. | ruin, spoil This is something you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite. | satisfy This meal will satisfy even the healthiest appetite.

APPETITE + VERB grow, increase | come back, return His appetite has returned to normal.

PHRASES a lack of appetite, a loss of appetite The symptoms include aching limbs and a loss of appetite.

2 strong desire for sth

ADJ. enormous, great, huge, insatiable, voracious an insatiable appetite for books | public The BBC recognizes the public appetite for serious information. | sexual

VERB + APPETITE have | lose | give sb | increase, revive, whet Reading the first story whetted my appetite for more. | dull | satisfy

APPETITE + VERB grow, increase

PREP. ~ for His appetite for power had grown.