appeal noun

1 serious request for sth you need/want very much

ADJ. desperate, emergency, emotional, urgent | direct | fresh, further a fresh appeal for witnesses to come forward | mute She gazed at him in mute appeal.

VERB + APPEAL issue, make They made a direct appeal to the government for funding.

PREP. ~ for an appeal for help | ~ to an appeal to reason

2 formal request to sb in authority

ADJ. formal, personal

VERB + APPEAL bring, file, lodge, make He's lodged an appeal against the size of the fine. | win | lose | allow (formal), consider, hear The judge has agreed to allow his appeal. The court will hear the appeal on 10 June. | uphold His appeal was upheld and he was released immediately. | deny, dismiss, reject, throw out, turn down

APPEAL + VERB fail | succeed

APPEAL + NOUN court, tribunal | hearing | judge | procedure, process, system

PREP. on ~ On appeal, it was held that the judge was correct. | under ~ a case currently under appeal | ~ against an appeal against his conviction of fraud | ~ for an appeal for leniency | ~ to an appeal to the High Court

PHRASES a court of appeal, give/grant sb leave to appeal, grounds of appeal, pending appeal The players have been suspended pending appeal. | a right of appeal You have the right of appeal to the Consitutional Court.

3 event for raising money

ADJ. charity, fund-raising | radio, television

VERB + APPEAL hold, launch An appeal is to be launched on behalf of the refugees. | back, support

APPEAL + VERB raise sth The radio appeal raised over three million pounds.


4 attraction/interest

ADJ. considerable, great, growing, obvious, powerful, special, strong | immediate, instant the book's immediate apeal to young children | limited, little | broad, mass, popular, universal, wide a publication designed for mass appeal | aesthetic, commercial, electoral, intellectual, sex, visual Unfortunately, the film lacks commercial appeal.

VERB + APPEAL have, hold His views hold no appeal for me. | broaden, extend, widen We are trying to broaden the appeal of classical music. | lose

APPEAL + VERB lie in sth His considerable appeal lies in his quiet, gentle manner.

PREP. ~ for School lost its appeal for her in the second year.