answer noun

1 sth that you say/write/do as a reply

ADJ. brief, quick, short The short answer to your query is that he has acted completely illegally. | blunt, direct, straight I expect a straight answer to a straight question. | detailed, full, precise | immediate | final | affirmative, positive | negative | honest, reasonable, sensible | dusty (= unsatisfactory) I complained to the water company and received a very dusty answer.

VERB + ANSWER get, have, receive Did you ever get an answer to your letter? | demand | wait for | give sb, offer Please give her your answer, so she can make the necessary arrangements. She repeated her question, but he offered no answer. | guess, know I think you can guess the answer?they won't lend us the money.

ANSWER + VERB come The answer came in a postcard she sent from Devon.

PREP. in ~ to In answer to your enquiries, I can only say that we did not find her work of a satisfactory standard. | ~ to her answer to his question

2 solution to a problem

ADJ. easy, instant, ready, simple | clear, clear-cut, obvious The obvious answer would be to cancel the party. | logical, reasonable, sensible | adequate, real, satisfactory | complete, convincing, definitive, effective, good, long-term, perfect | partial

VERB + ANSWER have, know We are aware of this problem, but we do not have the answer. | look for, seek | arrive at, come up with, find We have arrived at an answer which we hope will satisfy everyone. | give sb, offer, provide If you want to save time, this machine will provide the answer.

PREP. ~ to There is no easy answer to the problem.

PHRASES have/know all the answers He's so arrogant, he thinks he knows all the answers.

3 to questions in a test

ADJ. acceptable, appropriate, correct, right | incorrect, wrong | written This part of the exam requires a written answer.

VERB + ANSWER give | guess It's not worth guessing the answer, as you may lose marks. | know | print, write Please print the answers to questions 1 to 9.

PREP. ~ to Do you know the answer to the question?