angle noun

1 space between lines/surfaces that meet

ADJ. acute, oblique, obtuse, right | external, internal | narrow, sharp, steep The plane started descending at a steep angle. | shallow, slight, wide The instrument has a wide angle of view. | awkward, crazy, odd The calf's legs were splayed out at awkward angles.

VERB + ANGLE form, make The vertical line makes an angle with the horizontal line. | draw Draw a 130° angle in your exercise books. | adjust, alter, change She adjusted the angle of the legs to make the table stand more firmly. | increase, reduce | measure | move through, rotate through Each joint can move through an angle of 90°.

PREP. at an ~ The tower of Pisa leans at an angle. | ~ between the angle between these two lines

2 position

ADJ. unusual The subject is considered from an unusual angle. | camera The variety of camera angles gives her photographs interest. | viewing

VERB + ANGLE consider/look at/see/view sth from We've looked at the problem from every possible angle but still haven't found a solution. Seeing herself from this angle, she realized how like her mother she looked.

PHRASES angle of vision How you see the building depends on your angle of vision. | from all angles You need to consider the question from all angles.