anger noun

ADJ. bitter, black, cold, deep, fierce, great, savage, terrible | genuine, real | growing, mounting, rising mounting anger among teachers and parents | sudden | righteous Catherine appeared in the doorway, shaking with righteous anger. | controlled, pent-up, suppressed | popular, public | widespread

QUANT. burst, fit, outburst He slammed the door in a fit of anger.

VERB + ANGER be filled with, feel, shake with, tremble with His eyes were filled with anger. She was trembling with anger. | express, give vent to, show, vent, voice Children give vent to their anger in various ways. | control, hide, suppress It is not healthy to suppress your anger. | arouse, cause, fill sb with, fuel, provoke, stir up His words fuelled her anger. | change to, give way to, turn to His joy soon turned to anger when he heard the full story.

ANGER + VERB boil over/up, bubble up, build up, flare (up), grow, mount, rise, well up Henry stood up, his anger rising. | abate, drain, evaporate, fade, subside The anger drained from his face. Her anger subsided as quickly as it had flared up.

PREP. in ~ He raised his voice in anger. | with ~ His face was flushed with anger. | ~ against her feelings of anger against the murderer | ~ at I felt a sudden anger at his suggestion. | ~ over There is much anger over plans to close the hospital. | ~ towards her anger towards her parents

PHRASES a feeling of anger, in a moment of anger He had walked out in a moment of anger.