amount noun

ADJ. considerable, copious ~s, enormous, huge, large, massive, significant, substantial, tremendous, vast a considerable amount of money He drank copious amounts of beer. | disproportionate, excessive, inordinate | increasing | fair There was a fair amount of traffic on the roads. | limited, minute, moderate, negligible, small, tiny | full, total You must pay back the full amount of money that you owe. | maximum, minimum He aimed to cause the maximum amount of embarrassment. | exact | equal, equivalent Mix the colours in equal amounts. an amount equivalent to 0.3% per annum | varying Tap water also contains varying amounts of rust and grit.

VERB + AMOUNT double, increase | decrease, limit, reduce They want to limit the amount of cash available.

AMOUNT + VERB double, increase The amount of reclaimed glass used in industry has doubled in the last five years. | decrease, fall The average amount of pocket money received by teenagers fell to £4 a week this year.

PREP. ~ of