ambition noun

1 strong desire to be successful

ADJ. driving, great, naked She's a woman of driving ambition. | personal

VERB + AMBITION have He's got little ambition. | lack

AMBITION + VERB burn Ambition burned within her.

2 sth you very much want to have/do

ADJ. big, burning, driving, great, high, main, overriding, ultimate Her biggest ambition was to climb Everest. | lifelong, life's, longstanding At last he had realized his life's ambition. | modest | personal | secret | youthful | frustrated, thwarted, unfulfilled This is a tale of jealousy and thwarted ambitions. | career, imperial/imperialist, literary, political, presidential, social, sporting, territorial

VERB + AMBITION cherish, harbour, have, nurture He had only one ambition in life. | abandon, give up | achieve, fulfil, realize | limit, restrain | frustrate, thwart He felt great resentment at having his ambition frustrated.