alliance noun

ADJ. broad The organization is a broad alliance of many different groups. | grand | close | powerful, strong | fragile, loose, uneasy a loose alliance of opposition groups The uneasy alliance between such different people just cannot last. | shifting the shifting alliances among the various political groups | formal, informal | strategic, working | unholy an unholy alliance between the Fascists and the Communists | unlikely | temporary | global | defensive, military | electoral, political | class | marriage

VERB + ALLIANCE have They have alliances with other companies. | build (up), create, enter into, forge, form, make, strike up The government has tried to forge alliances with environmentalists. | cement To cement the alliance with England, Charles married Margaret, sister of the English king. | break off They broke off the alliance with Sparta. | seek

PREP. in ~ with The government, in alliance with the army, has decided to ban all public meetings for a month. | ~ against old alliances against enemies that no longer exist | ~ between an alliance between Britain and France | ~ with an alliance with Germany