alive adj.

1 living

VERBS be, seem | remain, stay Lost and so far from other human life, he faced a desperate struggle to stay alive. | keep sb Doctors fought to keep her alive. | be buried, be burnt

ADV. very much The old rascal is still very much alive. | barely, only half For four days he seemed barely alive. | still I wasn't sure if he was still alive.

PHRASES alive and kicking My mother is still alive and kicking. | alive and well At any moment he may turn up alive and well. | dead or alive The police are desperate to catch this man dead or alive. | lucky to be alive It was a very narrow escape and we are lucky to be alive. | more dead than alive Poor child, she looks more dead than alive.

2 full of life

VERBS be, feel, seem I feel really alive in the country! | come The city comes alive at night. | bring sb/sth The wealth of detail in his book really brings it alive.

ADV. really, truly, very | fully | intensely | only half She realized that she had only been half alive for the last four years. | suddenly His eyes were suddenly alive with excitement.

PREP. with The hall was alive with the sound of voices.

3 continuing to exist

VERBS be | remain | keep sth The people try to keep the old traditions alive.

ADV. very much The old customs are still very much alive in this region.

PHRASES alive and well The art of debate is alive and well in our schools.

4 aware of sth

VERBS be | become | remain

ADV. very much | keenly

PREP. to He remained keenly alive to the dangers.