aircraft noun

ADJ. fixed-wing, jet, light, low-flying, microlight, supersonic attacks by helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft | cargo, civil/civilian, commercial, passenger, private | combat, fighter, military, reconnaissance, surveillance, transport | enemy | burning, crashed, damaged, stricken | model His passion is making model aircraft.

VERB + AIRCRAFT fly, pilot The aircraft was flown by a young American pilot. | land | crash The pilot overshot the runway and crashed his aircraft. | shoot down To be an ace you had to shoot down five enemy aircraft.

AIRCRAFT + VERB fly | take off The aircraft is due to take off at midnight. | land | taxi The aircraft taxied along the runway. | crash | carry sth | attack sth, bomb sth

AIRCRAFT + NOUN industry | production | manufacturer | engine, parts | engineer | hangar | noise He claimed that aircraft noise was the worst form of air pollution in London. | wreckage