aid noun

1 money, food, etc.

ADJ. emergency | humanitarian | cash, development, economic, financial, food, legal, medical, military, relief Legal aid (= government money for legal advice) is a fundamental part of our system of justice. | federal, government, state | bilateral, external, foreign, international, overseas The country relies on foreign aid

VERB + AID appeal for, call for The country's president has appealed for international aid in the wake of the disaster. | extend, give (sb), grant (sb), provide (sb with), send (sb) | get, receive | depend on, rely on | promise | cut (off), suspend, withdraw, withhold The British government has now suspended humanitarian aid to the area.

AID + NOUN agency, worker | budget, package, programme a $14 million aid package

2 help

VERB + AID ask for, enlist We enlisted the aid of John and his family. | come/go to sb's (= to help someone) She screamed loudly and two people came to her aid.

PREP. in ~ of collecting money in aid of charity | with/without the ~ of She is now able to walk with the aid of a stick.

3 person/thing that helps

ADJ. effective, essential, excellent, important, useful, valuable | classroom, teaching, training | audio-visual, computer, visual | hearing, walking | memory | buoyancy

PREP. ~ to essential aids to learning > See FIRST AID