agent noun

1 works in an agency

ADJ. advertising, election, estate, insurance, land, letting, literary, managing, parliamentary, patent, press, publicity, travel | local The company has developed sales through local agents in key markets.

VERB + AGENT employ, have, use I have an agent who deals with all my contracts. | appoint, engage, get (sb), hire If you want to get published, get yourself an agent! | act as | sack

PREP. through an ~ She got the work through an agent. | ~ for an agent for a shipping company > Note at JOB

2 spy

ADJ. intelligence | enemy, foreign | federal, government | secret, undercover | double As a double agent, he worked for the Americans and the Russians.

VERB + AGENT work as

3 person/thing that has an effect

ADJ. chief, main, primary, prime, principal | effective | human | moral, rational | free I told him I couldn't stop him, he was a free agent.

PREP. ~ for The charity is an agent for social change.

PHRASES an agent for/of change