agenda noun

ADJ. agreed | clear A clear agenda will win votes in the next election. | five-point, etc. An 18-point agenda was drawn up for the meeting. | hidden, secret He accused the government of having a hidden agenda. | real | full | narrow The party has a rather narrow political agenda. | radical | public | domestic, international | economic, legislative, policy/political, research

VERB + AGENDA have | agree on, draw up, establish, set The college needs to draw up an agenda for change. | follow We were following an agenda set by the students themselves. | add sth to, put sth on I will put this on the agenda for the next meeting. | leave sth off, remove sth from, take sth off The question of pay had been left off the agenda. | circulate A copy of the agenda is circulated to delegates a month before the conference.


PREP. on a/the ~ Safety at work is on the agenda for next month's meeting. | off the ~ (figurative) An expensive holiday is definitely off the agenda this year (= not sth we can consider). | ~ for We have an agreed agenda for action.

PHRASES firmly/high on the agenda In our company, quality is high on the agenda. | an item/a point on the agenda, next on the agenda Next on the agenda is deciding where we're going to live. | top of the agenda Improving trade between the two countries will be top of the agenda at the talks. > Special page at MEETING