affection noun

ADJ. deep, genuine, great, real, special, strong, warm | mutual

VERB + AFFECTION feel, have, hold sb in, retain He was held in great affection by hundreds of students. | display, express, give sb, show (sb) | get, receive | crave, need, want He just wants a bit of affection. | gain, win She had tried hard to win his affection. | alienate

PREP. with ~ He'll be remembered with genuine affection. | ~ for I have a deep affection for his mother. | ~ to/towards The teacher showed affection towards all her pupils.

PHRASES a display of affection I don't go in for public displays of affection. | a feeling of affection a strong feeling of affection | love and affection I yearn for the love and affection I once had. | the object of sb's affections The object of his affections was a young opera singer. | a sign of affection, a show of affection