advice noun

ADJ. constructive, excellent, good, helpful, practical, sensible, sound, useful, valuable That's very sound advice. | bad, wrong I think my solicitor gave me the wrong advice. | clear | general | detailed | conflicting | confidential | impartial, independent | free | expert, professional, specialist | financial, legal, medical

QUANT. bit, piece, word Can I give you a friendly word of advice?

VERB + ADVICE give (sb), offer (sb), pass on, provide (sb with) I hope I can pass on some useful advice. | get, obtain, receive, take I think you need to take legal advice. | ask (for), go to sb for, seek, turn to sb for Go to your doctor and ask for advice. She asked her mother's advice. | accept, act on, follow, heed, listen to, take I wished that I had followed her advice. | ignore, reject

ADVICE + NOUN centre The Local Authority runs an advice centre in the town.

PREP. against sb's ~ Permission was given against the advice of the planning officers. | on sb's ~ On the advice of his experts he bought another company. | ~ about advice about bringing up children | ~ for Here is some advice for pregnant women. | ~ on Can you give me some advice on where to buy good maps? | ~ to My advice to you would be to wait a few months.