admission noun

1 entrance

ADJ. free, half-price | emergency emergency admissions to hospital | cinema, hospital, school, university

VERB + ADMISSION apply for, seek He's applied for admission to the local college. | gain to gain admission to university | grant sb | refuse sb

ADMISSION + NOUN charge, fee, price | criteria, policy | procedure | rate hospital admission rates

PREP. on ~ On admission to hospital, you will be examined by a doctor. | ~ to

2 statement admitting sth

ADJ. clear, frank, full This is a clear admission that you were wrong. | tacit | grudging


PREP. ~ of She has made no admission of any involvement in the plot.

PHRASES an admission of defeat/failure/guilt/liability She saw his leaving the company as an admission of failure. | by sb's own admission By his own admission he should never have driven so fast.