admiration noun

ADJ. deep, genuine, great, sincere, tremendous | frank, open | sneaking Inwardly, I had a sneaking admiration for them. | grudging, reluctant | mutual

VERB + ADMIRATION be filled with, be full of, feel, have I'm full of admiration for him. I have the greatest admiration for the nurses. | express, show She wrote to him expressing her admiration. | compel, draw, fill sb with, gain, win a dignity that compels admiration The way he dealt with the crisis filled me with admiration. He gained the admiration of thousands of people. | be worthy of As a writer she is certainly worthy of admiration. | lose He never lost the admiration of his students.

PREP. in ~ She stared at him in open admiration. | with ~ gazing at her with admiration | ~ for admiration for his work

PHRASES a gasp of admiration The picture was greeted with gasps of admiration. | have nothing but admiration for sb/sth I have nothing but admiration for the way she tackled those bullies.