actor, actress noun

ADJ. accomplished, born, brilliant, consummate, experienced, fine, good, great, talented, wonderful You're a born actor! | celebrated, famous, leading, principal, sought-after, star, veteran, well-known | successful | bit-part, struggling, unknown | out-of-work, unemployed | aspiring, would-be | frustrated Lecturers are often frustrated actors who enjoy performing before a live audience. | amateur | professional | character, classical, comedy/comic, Shakespearean, straight | film, Hollywood, screen, stage, television | child | supporting the award for best supporting actor

VERB + ACTOR, ACTRESS audition, cast

ACTOR, ACTRESS + VERB act (sth), perform (sth), play (sth) The same actor plays three different parts in the film. | rehearse (sth) | audition He was one of many actors who auditioned for the part of Hamlet. > Note at JOB