activity noun

ADJ. frantic, frenetic, heightened, increased, intense | criminal, illegal, subversive, terrorist | classroom, group | extra-curricular, leisure, leisure-time, outdoor, recreational, social | mental, physical, sexual | business, commercial, cultural, economic, industrial, intellectual, political, scientific | government, military, police, union | human | electrical, geological, volcanic

QUANT. burst, flurry There was a flurry of activity as the film star appeared on the balcony. | level Newspapers report a higher level of activity in the foreign exchange markets.

VERB + ACTIVITY do Here's an activity you can do with mixed ability classes. | be involved in, engage in, participate in, take part in, undertake We suspect he may be involved in illegal activities. Teachers here are not allowed to engage in any political activity. | stop, suspend, terminate The party's activities have been suspended. | stimulate It will only be possible to stimulate business activity with an injection of public funds. | curb | resume | buzz with The room was buzzing with activity.

PHRASES a hive of activity (= a very busy place) The classroom was a hive of activity as the children prepared for the concert. | a sign of activity Police watched the house all day, but there was no sign of activity.