action noun

1 process of doing sth

ADJ. decisive, effective, firm, strong, vigorous | immediate, prompt, swift, urgent | drastic, emergency The situation calls for drastic action. | collective, concerted, joint, united | direct, positive | evasive | corrective, remedial | disciplinary, legal, military, political, strike Disciplinary action will be taken against students who cheat. (see also industrial action)

VERB + ACTION take | call for | agree on The leaders have agreed on joint action to combat terrorism. | leap/spring/swing into The emergency services swung into action as soon as the disaster was reported. | carry out, perform, take Only the priest can perform these actions. We shall take whatever actions are necessary. | galvanize/prod/spur sb into We have to galvanize people into action. | bring/put sth into We need to put these ideas into action. | keep/put sb/sth out of A fire has put the factory out of action.

PREP. in ~ I have not yet seen the machines in action. | out of ~ He is out of action following an ankle injury. | ~ against against drug dealers | ~ on The government is taking strong action on refugees.

PHRASES a course of action Is this the best course of action to follow?

2 legal case

ADJ. court | civil, criminal, libel

VERB + ACTION bring, take out Her husband brought a civil action against her after their divorce.

PREP. ~ against

3 fighting

ADJ. enemy He was killed during enemy action.

VERB + ACTION see I never saw action during the war.

PHRASES killed/missing/wounded in action He was reported missing in action.