achievement noun

1 thing done successfully

ADJ. considerable, extraordinary, fine, great, important, impressive, major, no mean, notable, outstanding, real, remarkable, significant, tremendous This was no mean achievement for the government. | rare | unique | concrete, solid | crowning, main, proudest, supreme | lasting | modest | personal | architectural, artistic, cultural, economic, educational, engineering, literary, scientific, sporting, technical, technological

VERB + ACHIEVEMENT be, constitute, represent This conference in itself constitutes a solid achievement.

PREP. ~ in She was given a prize for her achievements in textile design.

PHRASES quite an achievement To be offered a place at such a good university is quite an achievement.

2 act of achieving sth

ADJ. high two years of consistently high achievement | positive | individual, personal | human He believes European civilization was the high point of human achievement. | academic, educational, intellectual Success should not be measured solely by educational achievement.

PHRASES a feeling/sense of achievement Climbing the mountain gave him a tremendous sense of achievement. | a lack of achievement, a level/standard of achievement, a record of achievement an impressive record of achievement