ache noun

1 physical pain

ADJ. dull, nagging, throbbing | familiar | muscular, stomach, tummy

VERB + ACHE be aware of, feel I felt the familiar ache in my lower back. | ease He changed his position once again to ease the ache in his back.

ACHE + VERB throb A dull ache throbbed at the back of David's head.

PREP. ~ in a nagging ache in her knee

PHRASES aches and pains He was always complaining about his various aches and pains.

2 great sorrow

ADJ. deep, dull, nagging

VERB + ACHE feel, have She kept feeling the nagging ache in her heart.

PREP. ~ in She could hardly speak for the ache in her heart. | ~ inside, ~ of the ache of loneliness inside him