accommodation noun

1 place for sb to live/stay

ADJ. comfortable, decent, good, suitable | inadequate, poor, substandard | excellent, luxurious | overnight, temporary | permanent | free | private, rented | holiday, hotel | living, residential | sleeping | bed-and-breakfast | furnished | sheltered Many old people choose to live in sheltered accommodation. | secure We need more secure accommodation for young prisoners. | student

VERB + ACCOMMODATION have The council should be able to help families who have no accommodation. | look for, seek | find, get, secure | offer (sb), provide (sb with) It is the duty of the local community to provide accommodation for the homeless.


PREP. in ~

2 satisfactory arrangement

VERB + ACCOMMODATION come to, make, reach, work out | seek

PREP. ~ between Some accommodation between conservation and tourism is essential. | ~ to accommodation to the harsh circumstances of rural life | ~ with They were forced to reach an accommodation with the rebels.