accept verb

1 take/receive

ADV. gladly, graciously, gratefully, willingly She graciously accepted my apology. | reluctantly

VERB + ACCEPT be glad to, be happy to | be reluctant to, be unwilling to | be unable to I am unfortunately unable to accept your kind invitation.

PREP. from I accepted the gift from my sister.

2 agree/admit

ADV. readily Some people readily accept that they may have to pay for medical treatment. | fully

VERB + ACCEPT be happy to, be prepared to, be ready to, be willing to | be reluctant to, be unwilling to | be unable to, refuse to | can/cannot, could (not), will/won't, would (not) The university cannot accept responsibility for items lost or stolen on its premises. | be forced to

PHRASES be commonly/generally/universally/widely accepted It is generally accepted that people are motivated by success.