ability noun

1 skill/power to do sth

ADJ. exceptional, extraordinary, great, outstanding, remarkable, uncanny | inherent, innate, natural discovering the natural abilities of each child | proven | academic, acting, artistic, athletic, creative, intellectual, linguistic, mathematical, musical, reading, technical | mental, physical

VERB + ABILITY have | demonstrate, show Both players demonstrated their ability to hit the ball hard. | acquire, develop | lack | lose I seem to have lost my ability to attract clients. | appreciate, recognize Fox's abilities were soon recognized.

PHRASES to the best of your ability We will keep you informed to the best of our ability.

2 speed with which sb learns

ADJ. high The school does nothing for children of high ability. | limited, low | average, mixed It is much more difficult to teach a mixed-ability class.

VERB + ABILITY assess, test

PHRASES a level of ability There was a high level of ability among the school leavers. | a range of ability/abilities I taught a wide range of abilities.