have ~ Perhaps we will have a good summer this year.

spend summer/winter I spent the winter indoors.

~ approach The days become shorter and temperatures drop as autumn approaches.

~ arrive, begin, come Autumn arrived early that year.

winter sets in The aid must reach the refugees before winter sets in.

summer/winter pass, wear on, (come to an) end As the summer wore on food became scarce.

~ months summer/winter period spring/summer/winter time (also springtime, etc.) The museum is open daily during the summer months. It was springtime and the slopes were ablaze with almond blossoms.

~ day/morning/night, etc. It's hard to sleep on hot summer nights.

during/in (the) ~ The wood is carpeted with bluebells in spring.

over the summer/winter The repairs will be carried out over the summer.

through/throughout (the) ~ The meat is salted so it keeps through the winter.

for (the) ~ She's gone to Ireland for the summer.

the ~ of 2001, etc. The winter of 2001 was especially cold.

a summer's/winter's day/morning/night, etc. a lazy summer's day

all summer/winter long It rained all summer long.

the height of summer the depths of winter He always wore a short-sleeved shirt, even in the depths of winter.