arts write ~ He's written a new West End musical.

do, present, perform, produce, put on, stage ~ We are proud to present the play ‘Rocket to the Moon’. The drama group is doing a show.

direct ~ She is directing Verdi's opera ‘La Traviata’ at La Scala next year.

act in, appear in, perform in, sing in, star in ~ He starred in the West End hit musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.

rehearse (for) ~ We had no time to rehearse for the play.

go to the ballet/opera/theatre I haven't been to the theatre for ages.

see ~ Have you seen that new production of ‘Macbeth’?

~ open ‘The Nutcracker’ opens in December.

~ play, run The show has been playing to packed houses. The show ran for years on Broadway.

~ close The musical closes this week after a record number of performances.

a play/show folds The play folded after poor reviews.

at the ballet/opera/theatre We met at the opera.

in a/the ~ the characters in the play

~ by a comedy by Moli