Internet noun

ADJ. wireless

VERB + INTERNET access, go on, use She likes to go on the Internet in the evenings.

INTERNET + NOUN site, website | portal | bulletin board, chat room | magazine | auction, broadcast, link Thousands logged on to view the live Internet broadcast of the concert. The auction was held in Paris with an Internet link to New York. | cafe Travellers can check their email at the Internet cafe in the square. | domain Registering an Internet domain name is now an essential part of setting up a company. | access, usage, use unlimited/unmetered Internet access | connection a broadband/high-speed Internet connection | search engine, (service) provider | customer, user | traffic the laying of fast networks to carry Internet traffic | brand, group | services | arm, division, operation, subsidiary the bank's Internet arm | entrepreneur | analyst, expert | banking, betting, dating, shopping | bank, bookie/bookmaker, business, company, firm, retailer, start-up, venture | industry, sector | fraud | security | economy | file software for downloading Internet files | image | software | technology | age issues facing the music industry in the Internet age | boom, revolution Many of the sites launched at the peak of the Internet boom have now disappeared.

PREP. on the ~ More and more people are shopping on the Internet. > Special page at COMPUTER